Isaiah 59:12

"And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in."

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Letter to Us Who Think We Know the Lord

In my College Composition class right now, we're talking about poetry and learning how to deeply understand a poem by re-writing it in a more personal form. I decided I want to do that today with a passage from the Word. Whenever I begin to feel exalted against the Lord, and my heart exalts itself in pride, I like/hate to go to Job 38 and read until I can't take it anymore. Today, I want to show how these words apply to all of us who think we know the mind of the Lord by simply writing out the message of Job 38-41 in accordance with other Scriptures. Let us remember who we are, that we are "but dust" (Psalms 103) and return to a heart of humility and learning before the King of the Universe.

Thus saith the Lord.
Who are you, Oh man?
That you would say you know my heart?
Who are you that speaks the truth without the Truth?
Where is your way?
For I AM the Way.
How have you enlightened your path?
For I AM the Light.
How have you discerned knowledge?
For I AM the Truth.

Prepare yourself.
For I will come - you must answer.
When I knock, I will be let in.
I will require of you the words you have spoken in vanity,
You will be held accountable for the advice you have spoken,
The "truth" you hold on to will someday meet I AM in perfection.

When I spun out the plans of the world,
When I prepared my ideals,
When I sad, "Let this be so,"
Did you advise me then?

When I spoke your life into existence.
Did you help me?
How then will you tell me why you are here?
Or did you join me as I formed you in your mother's womb?

Who gave you authority to build lives?
Who has endowed you with power from on high?
Have you so much perfection, that I cannot contain it?
Have you so much wisdom, that I cannot know it?
Have you so understood things,
As to teach what I have not taught?

Will your ministry go beyond the ministry of my Son?
Where then, are they which walk that were lame?
Where are the free, who were once bound?
Where are they singing, though they were once dumb?
Create a heaven, Oh man!
And redeem a dying race to live there!

Will your sufferings be so great,
That you cannot lay them at the cross?
Have you so much bitterness,
That I AM not enough?
Have you so much anger,
That my cross is of none effect?

Go now - and join with Satan, you Lucifer!
For you that have borne light,
Will see that the only light you have is mine!
Have you rebelled against my way?
Have you told me what I have said?
Have you formed truth in your mind?
Have you made laws of my heart?
Have you made cages for my ways?
Beware, Oh man:
For I will have my way.
I will fulfill my desire.
I will cause my truth to endure.
I will honor only those who have my heart.
And I will break your cages.

And you will know,
That I AM the Lord.

Forgive me, Lord. Forgive us, Oh God. For we have created our own versions of your way. We have corrupted the truth of the Gospel of Christ. We have required men to learn our ways, and have ignored the ways of the Christ. I know that you are coming in vengeance, only be merciful unto those who love you. Be gracious to those who have called on your name. Be slow to wrath, oh God! Quick to mercy - quick to forgive! We trust in Your goodness; in Your way: be the God who directs us, for we cannot direct ourselves. We are all blind, and the blind cannot lead the blind. But You, Oh Lord, You see! So lead us into all truth, into all love, into all life, into all grace. May we shed this phoney Kingdom of "God," and embrace the Kingdom of Jesus! May we break down our tower of Babel, in which we have said that we will reach unto the heavens, and be like gods! Forgive us, redeem us, perfect us, lead us - you are our Hope, our Saving Grace, our Love, our Everything.

I ask for this in the name of Jesus Christ - that your will may be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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